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Holistic Healing for the Mind, Body, & Soul

¬† Serenity isn’t something found only in cat naps or a walk in the park. ” It’s at that very moment we make the choice to heal, the process is set in motion and at that point, we have many healing paths to choose from.” author – Deanna M. Minich Ph.D. 

With the complexity of who we are as people, it sometimes takes more than just one modality to engage in the healing process . Whether it be deep tissue, myofacial release or trigger point therapies that realign the muscle tissues and heal dysfunction in the muscle itself or therapeutic relaxation massage that reduces your stress and rejuvenates the body. While Reiki energy healing and cranial sacral works to balance and heal your energy flow, leaving you in a deeper state of relaxation for optimum healing results.

That is why OMBodyworks Spa & Reiki Center focuses on treating not just the symptoms but the clients whole being. By taking the utmost pride in creating  a holistically serene, nurturing and safe healing environment where clients can feel at peace within themselves for optimum healing and therapeutic benefits.


Massage Therapy is no longer a luxury but a vital necessity in your over all health and well-being which will add longevity to your life….

Feel the difference in the ultimate Mind /Body healing & experience the cloud 9 effect @ OMBodyworks Spa



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Namaste & Many Blessings !

Kathleen – Owner & LMT @OMBodyworks Spa & Reiki Center