Holistic Healing for the Mind, Body, & Soul

  Serenity isn’t something found only in cat naps or counting back from 100 while hyperventilating about the latest family members faux pas. Soul healing and de-stressing can also be found at OMBodyworks Spa & Reiki Center where you can slip into a state of blissful peace.At OMBodyworks Spa & Reiki Center, investing in massage and bodywork is about investing in your health, not just a luxury.


Deep tissue, myofacial release, and trigger point therapies realign muscle tissues or dysfunction in the muscle while therapeutic relaxation massage-reduces your stress levels and rejuvenates the body. Reiki Energy Healing and Cranial Sacral work is also offered and balances and heals your energy flow, leaving you in a deeper state of relaxation and optimum healing results.

OMBodyworks Spa & Reiki Center focuses on treating not just the symptoms but the clients whole being. Pride is taken in creating such a holistic, serene, nurturing and healing environment so that clients can feel at peace for optimum healing and therapeutic benefits.


Come experience the difference and caring with ultimate mind body healing @ OMBodyworks Spa


To book your serenity healing time contact me( Kathleen ) at 602-427-8950


 Many Blessings &

Kathleen – Owner & LMT @OMBodyworks Spa & Reiki Center